Understanding Your Worth: How to Price Social Media Management Services

package creation pricing social media start a business Jan 28, 2024

When it comes to social media management and putting together your packages, so many people get stuck. How do you know what to put in? How do other platforms play a factor in my time? How do I know what actually to put in there? So many questions! And in the blog post, I'll touch on a few things that you need to keep in mind when creating those packages. 

Know your target audience 

Research the industry and clients you want to work with. Are they large corporations or small businesses? What is their budget and what are their expectations?

Highlight your unique skills 

Social media management requires a combination of creativity, analytical skills, and technical knowledge. Make sure to showcase your individual strengths and what sets you apart from other managers.

Think beyond just posting on social media 

As a social media manager, you're not just scheduling posts. You're creating content, engaging with audiences, analyzing data, and strategizing for growth. Don't undervalue the full scope of your services.

Understand the value of time 

Time is money in any business. Calculate how much time it takes you to complete each task for a client and factor that into your pricing.

Consider the platforms you manage 

Each social media platform has its own set of algorithms, best practices, and metrics to track success. The more platforms you manage for a client, the more time and effort it requires from you.

Don't be afraid to negotiate 

Every client's needs and budgets are different, so be open to negotiating prices that work for both parties.

Offer tiered packages 

Consider offering packages with different levels of service and pricing options to cater to different client's needs and budgets.

Set boundaries 

Make sure to outline what is included in your services and set clear boundaries on what will require additional fees or charges.

Be confident in your worth 

Remember that social media management is a valuable skill set that businesses need in today's digital age. Have confidence in yourself and the value you provide as a professional social media manager.


We now understand our worth and know how to confidently price our services for success. So go out there and own your value as a social media manager!

Need some help creating those packages?

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