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I know that so many businesses are different. Different industries, different ways of doing things. That is why I approach every client a different way and make sure to come up with a process that will work for both of us. I want you to have the work-life balance that you imagined when you started your business. Partner with an expert who is committed to your success and growth!

With the never-ending to-do lists, now is the time to let an experienced professional step in and create social media goals, online strategies, and run your business while you help your clients. My goal is to step in and be your right-hand woman.

Concentrate on your strengths and witness your roster of clients expand—long after you've closed that laptop for the day!


Jessica, Owner of Bella Vida Candles

"Kelcie has helped me with so much.  Things that I wouldn't have been able to figure out like email flows, Pinterest strategies, Facebook group content, texting apps for my customers, and subscription boxes just to name a few things.  Not only does she do the work of what seems like 3 people a day, but she also pushes me to stay on schedule.  That is priceless. Beyond professional and exceptional work ethic.  I pick up my phone and ask her a question, and it's like she is waiting to help me.  I don't know how she makes me feel like I am the only client in the world.  She celebrates our wins with us and besides being incredibly talented she has a big heart."

Jane, Owner of Burlap & Twine

"Kelcie has taken all of my social media off of my plate. This includes content creation, fun graphics, and scheduling to name a few. When we first met, we spoke of my most immediate pain points and how she could assist. She is extremely organized and gets back to me really quickly when I reach out with a question. We have made plans to start working on my newsletter next and tackle growing my email list. I could not have accomplished any of this without Kelcie's help. It is such a great feeling knowing that I can depend on her. Kelcie is a breath of fresh air. She is professional, timely, creative, and easy-going. She likes to plan and schedule things out in advance which makes it really easy for me to see the content for the month and make any changes."


Social Media Management

Do you need assistance building trust and a loyal fan base with your customers on social media?​ I can help increase your brand loyalty, marketplace awareness, customer satisfaction, and company reliability with daily posts, branded graphics, and community engagement for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Threads.

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Monthly Investment

  • Enhanced Brand Loyalty
  • Increase Audience Awareness
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Establish "Know, Like, Trust"
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Online Marketing Management

Elevate your brand's presence and trust across multiple platforms. Through strategic social media management, engaging email campaigns, compelling landing pages, and enticing freebie creation, I'll cultivate brand loyalty and boost marketplace awareness.

Solidify your company's reputation as a reliable authority in your industry. With a comprehensive approach encompassing social media management, email campaigns, optimized landing pages, and valuable freebies, I'll fortify your company's reliability and credibility, establishing trust with your audience.

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Monthly Investment

  • Holistic Brand Development
  • Omni-Channel Engagement
  • Enhanced Customer Relationships
  • Established Credibility and Trust
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Online Business Management

Running an online business can feel like juggling a dozen tasks at once, especially when navigating multiple platforms and ensuring seamless operations.

That's where I come in—I specialize in offering tailored support to empower small business owners like you to flourish in the fast-paced world of online and e-commerce. Let me handle the team, you do what you're meant to do - work with YOUR clients!

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Monthly Investment

  • Comprehensive Online Business Support
  • Specialized Expertise in Small Businesses
  • Streamlined Operations, Reduce Stress
  • Empowerment to Focus on Client Interaction
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Jackie, Owner of Sprinkles & Confetti

"Before working with Kelcie I would make endless to-do lists that never actually got completed. It's been great having a partner that keeps me accountable and checks things off the lists. Kelcie helps with our social media management, email content creation, and takes a on a monthly project to help support our small business.  She's been a great asset to the team and very willing to learn what's important to the business. Kelcie has been a fantastic partner to work with!  She's super organized, offers timely communication, and understands that supporting small businesses comes with many different needs.  I've been thrilled to have Kelcie as part of my team!"



Jessica, Owner of Kreat & Design

"I only hired Kelcie a short time ago and what she has been able to accomplish is amazing. I debated for the longest time to hire someone and I'm so happy that Kelcie is part of my team. From social media to blog posts, she does it all. You won't be disappointed having her on your team. Don't delay like me. I know that my business will go far with her helping me now!"



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