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The Social Media Manager Blueprint  Masterclass

Unlock the secrets to becoming a Social Media Manager with our comprehensive Blueprint Masterclass. Whether you're an aspiring digital marketer, entrepreneur, or virtual assistant, this masterclass is your first step towards building a successful digital business.




Time to get real...

Let’s be honest, starting as a social media manager can be…


🆇 Complicated - What do you post? When do you post? What's trending? So many things to follow!


🆇 Hard Where do you start? HOW do you start? What do you need to know?
🆇 Time-consuming - Not knowing what services to offer, social media platforms to work on, how to find clients and starting from scratch wastes time! 


Because let's face it – most run-of-the-mill social media manager trainings just don't cut it for beginners!


What if, in less than 1 week, you were equipped with a blueprint to help you start your business - plus feel 100% ready to take action to start your social media business?

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What you’ll walk away with:

A business name, niche, and a targeted customer list


We'll walk through creating a compelling business name that stands out, identify your niche, and define your ideal, target customer. This is the foundation of your business!

What services you can offer, discuss social platforms, and tools you use


We'l develop a comprehensive services list tailored to your skills and also discuss what social media platforms you're most proficient in, and also discuss appropriate tools to use for your business.

Attractive packages to gain new customers


We'll discuss packages, determine package names, pricing, and what services will be offered in each package. By the end, you'll have a realistic foundation for competitive and sought-after packages for your prospective clients!


  My goal for you:  walk away with a tailor-made Social Media Manager Blueprint, a step-by-step guide that puts you on track to launch your own business!


Start Crafting Your Digital Success Story Today! We start on March 18th.

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Don't Just Take it From Me: 

Hi, I'm Kelcie!

A wife, mom, digital marketer, social media manager, OBM, and documentary nerd!

I'm also the founder and owner of Kel Cee & Co, a digital marketing agency helping small businesses with their social media management, digital marketing and so much more. Along with running my business, I teach individuals (just like you) how to start a social media management business and manage content efficiently! 

I love teaching and sharing my knowledge so that is the reason for this amazing Masterclass! A word from one of my students from The Social Biz Breakdown, "I wouldn't be here today, with clients, if I hadn't taken her course" - Natasha.

🏠 Imagine swapping the daily 9-5 grind for sleeping in, spending more time with your family, or just having the extra cash to do what you WANT! 


That's the power of the Social Media Manager Blueprint.

Join me in this FREE masterclass that will show you the first steps to a new you. I'm here to help guide you on the journey to more money in your savings, time freedom and enjoying what you love. It's more than possible, and it starts with taking that first step (which you’re about to take with this masterclass!)."

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What's included in the Masterclass?

 Private Community for Learning 


You'll gain access to a private FB group where I'll go Live on the first day to walk you through the blue print and each day we'll focus on a different section.

Exclusive Blueprint Worksheet


A practical, step-by-step guide for your business that includes your business name, niche, target customers, services, packages and so much more!

One Week for Questions & Assistance


The group will be available for one week and you'll have access to me to ask any questions you have about your business, services, packages, etc. Anything you can think of!



Ready to become a social media manager?

If you're serious about starting your business and are looking for a structured, practical approach to becoming a proficient social media manager, this masterclass is for you.

Don't miss this chance to transform your career's trajectory!

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Disclaimer: This offering is for educational purposes. You'll gain access to a free group for one week, The Social Media Manager Blueprint and free training.