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How Outsourcing Social Media Management Can Benefit Your Work-Life Balance

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Nearly everyone dreads creating social media, but then you need to do the second step. You have to schedule it. I can just hear the thousands of bloggers, social media influencers, and online coaches groaning as they do this.

This question has probably crossed your mind once or twice; should I look into outsourcing my social media content and planning?

Social media creation and marketing is quite the beast and it requires creativity and special attention. Even though it’s almost a necessity these days, it isn’t for everyone.

I’ve come with a few questions to ask yourself when trying to determine if you should outsource your social media.

Do I have time to devote to managing my social media?

When I was younger, I remember my mom always saying, “This isn’t enough time in the day!” and I never understood what she meant by that. Well, now I absolutely do!

Time is one of the main reasons businesses need assistance with social media. You need to invest in managing your business’s social media pages. It’s something that requires constant attention.

Do I know what I’m doing online?

This is a big one!

Do you know how to post on your business pages?

Can you create an ad?

Do you know how to promote a post?

Do you know how to schedule a post?

Social media has become more and more complex so you need to make sure you understand how to run your social media pages.

What is my brand voice and how do I relay that via social media?

You make to make sure that voice comes across on your social media. Knowing your audience. Who they are. Are you normally funny in your posts? Do you like to share articles? Do you have a call to action you like to share often? You need to fully understand your voice before someone else can and assist with social media.

Do I have enough content to share?

If you aren’t creative, which some of us aren’t, it can be very hard to create content for your social media pages. If you have a product to offer, then it’s easier, but if you are just offering a service, that can get difficult.

One way to get more content is to allow a virtual assistant or content creator company to do it for you. You would need to make sure that the virtual assistant or company has a good understanding of your business so they can capture your brand voice.

Could I afford to have someone do my social media?

There are so many different agencies, contractors, and content creators out there. Some are very expensive, while others are more affordable. Outsourcing your social media could cost anywhere from $400 to thousands of dollars a month. It’s always a good idea to research your options and get the best deal for what you want.


Now it’s up to you!

Really think about everything above. Create a list. Pros and cons and decide based upon your long term goals.

If you absolutely love the idea of having more time to focus on different tasks and creating a to-do list for someone else, then hey, outsource your social media. You’ll be happy when you do!

Contact me today to get started!

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