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Managing Commitment: How do you find the time & where is your support?

When you start learning something new, it’s not too hard to find your commitment – and motivation – to want to do it well.

As time wears on, and the shine wears off, it becomes harder to keep up the initial level of commitment. We need to find ways to get motivated to keep going.


Much of the time if we don’t get help with motivation, we simply give up.


It’s why most New Year’s resolutions don’t last.

I'm no stranger to starting new things, just ask my husband! In the 15 years that we've been together, I've probably come to him and said, "Hunny, I have an idea!" about 5-7 times and each time he says, "What now?".

He had every right to react that way. I was always starting new things but fell off the bandwagon after a few months. For me, it was all about the "shiny new prospect" and not the overall goal. I would be all in right away, talking to people and sharing my journey, but get bored with it and then just stop.

I've never been able to set long term goals for myself. It's very hard! I'm a huge "check it off my list now" type person. The thought of having to do something over a long period of time stresses me out. I'd rather just get it done now.

So when I came to my husband and told him that I wanted to try this "virtual assistant" thing, he was skeptical. He knew me and what happened each and every other time I'd come to him with my next big plan!


This time was going to be different, I was determined to make it happen.


The largest hurdle I had was finding the time. I knew I could do it, but I have two small children, a full-time job, a husband, and a home to manage. How was I to find time to do this as well? How was I supposed to keep this commitment to myself?

I'll tell you! I found a support system. Having support around you is absolutely essential, especially when you work in the online space. Being able to talk to

someone about your business can be the difference between success and failure – honestly.

We were not meant to do it all alone. We own the business, we do the work, but every business owner needs a great support system to keep things moving.

I found a great group of people online that I'm able to bounce ideas off of, ask questions and really lean on, especially at the beginning of my virtual assistant journey.

My friends and family have also been a great support and allow me to share my successes, my failures, and everything in-between. I'm sure they are tired of me talking about it by now, but I truly appreciate everything.

If you find yourself trying something new or on a new journey, I highly recommend finding a group of individuals to lean on. Find your support system. Find your tribe! They will keep you motivated, help you keep your commitment to yourself. You'll be happy you did!

Much love!

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