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I've made almost $20k working part-time in 6 months!

Hi there! For those that don’t me, my name is Kelcie Michels, a wife, mom, and virtual assistant. I became a virtual assistant in 2019 and have been able to grow my business into something that I could have never imagined, all while working part-time.

I’m not going to share how I got started, that story is here if you want to read it, but instead, I want to make sure you know about Abby Ashley and The Virtual Savvy. They are the reason that I am where I am today and how I’ve made almost $20,000 in just 6 months in 2021 so far.

I know some of you may say, “Hm, that’s not a lot!” But let me tell you when I started out, I just wanted to be able to pay for daycare monthly. I have far surpassed that goal. I’ve been averaging about $3,000 a month since the Summer of 2020 and it keeps getting higher.

Here are my numbers to prove it:

If you want to see what being a Virtual Assistant is all about, I highly recommend checking out what Abby Ashley and the Virtual Savvy have to offer.

From their amazing coaching videos, VIP Facebook group, and fantastic accountability calls, you will learn so much and be able to launch your own business in no time. You will not be disappointed!



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