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8 Weeks of Social

Media Content

for New or Not So New Virtual Assistants

Ugh - we've all been there. Just starting our online business or maybe you've had your business for a while now and have NO IDEA what to put on our social media page. We've all be there, right?


Show of hands!!

Virtual Assistants are on the rise right now. We are able to help small businesses, entrepreneurs, mompreneurs, solopreneurs, and even those mom and pop stores down the road. 

But how do they find you? How do you gain an audience online?!

Social Media!

Social media marketing has been one of the foundations of my success and I want to share what has worked for me in getting clients through Facebook and Instagram. We all struggle with content but you don't have to! 

I've created 8 weeks of social media content for your virtual assistant business.

Only $11! - A Steal!

What's Included

  • 8 weeks of social media content for Facebook and Instagram

  • Engaging posts to interact with your audience and increase your engagement

  • The same Trello board that I use for my social media content (Text and some graphics included)

  • Over 50 hashtags to use on your social media accounts today!

  • Bonuses!

    • Posts for every holiday of the year​

    • A day of the month list for each month to help you get those creative juices flowing! I share a few of my favorite days as well.

  • Know exactly what to post online!

  • Consistently connect with your most ideal clients.

  • Saves you hours of time that you can now use to build your business. 

Just starting a virtual assistant business or even maintaining an online presence is a lot of work.

Are you ready to save time and frustration with your social media content? If so, click the button below!

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